Christian Actor Mac McConnell presents  Bible Story Performances. 
with zero cost plus expenses.
As of Jan 1st, 2014 now operating as faith based ministry, offering many performances at zero cost to churches and many organizations plus travel expense where necessary.  Acts 3:6 - "Simon Peter said, "Silver or gold I have none, but what I do have I freely give.'"

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Now you can support this ministry at no charge to you! Shop Amazon through the link  below and they donate .5% of each purchase. click here or go to and choose, What About You, Inc. thanks in advance! 

with one-man Biblical Dramas and Historical Novellas




The result of sincere exploration of the life and times of Jesus and the historical background of the occupations and life styles of Bible characters are presented in one-man plays and dramas. As Mac McConnell began scripting for the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant, the potential of presenting one-man Bible drama as a Bible Actor, could not be suppressed, although unique among other Christian actors. The search for scripts led Mac to attempt writing his own Christian drama “The Gospel According to Simon Peter.” A modest beginning, but the acceptance was immediate. Now there are seven Christian dramas ranging from 25 minutes to 75 minutes as featured in Today's Christian - Miami Herald and The News & Sun-Sentinel and reviewed by the Dove Foundation. Each Biblical play is packed with truth, packed with surprises, packed with humor and packed with relevance of God's word for today’s world.  Here's a taste - Video Promo.' And I have a free 12 minute DVD for you - order Here.

The audiences just kept asking me for something to take away after one of the drama presentations. Drama videos are lousy at best, so I was urged to expand the stories into novellas. I thought it was worth a shot and now my third book is out with who knows how many to come. Many tell me they make great gifts to fam and friends, perhaps especially to someone who's not interested in church or preachers or those turn-or-burn track thingies, much lest a BIBLE. Truth is these little novels won't sound a bit like scripture. They will sound like a personal memoir with an eyewitness story to some pretty amazing history. Yes, I admit, I'm proud of these books, and would be proud to hear your comments and to post your reviews. Here's what Today's Christian Magazine - Miami Herald and The News & Sun-Sentinel and the Dove Foundation had to say about my dramas turned into historical novellas. Find out more about Forever Changed, A Journey in Jericho, Bozra, A Journey to Jerusalem, Hadad, A Journey in Bethlehem with more to come from Mac McConnell.

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