"Acting Naturally" Drama Workshop Master's Class

HELP is here! Finally a Christian drama workshop experience just for your fellowship, your start up drama team and for your veteran performers.
"It was amazing how much you covered in just one day!"
"you summed a whole year's college drama class in one day."
The Acting Naturally drama workshop is designed to demonstrate that acting on stage is the most naturally of things. We have been "acting" most of our lives but just don’t call it that. Acting Naturally is uniquely formulated to be effective for the start up, struggling or advanced drama group. Here is the major tune up for your drama special, or taking your dramatist to their next level.

This is accomplished in a Master's class setting. Your participants should bring at least two "audition" pieces for their on-stage presentation. This can be anything from a dramatic reading to a multi-character short drama, and from monologs to ensembles.

Then each will be critiqued, coached,squeezed and allowed to "try" again, and again, and again. This is a most enlightening, engaging, educational and challenging dramatic experience that will have the entire class sensing they have just graduated to their next level, and they are typically amazed at their own improvement.

The Master Class Director’s Session can be used as a fine-tuning process for your specific drama presentation. This is a direct practical approach with more of a director’s role applied to your presentation. It is intended to give your director and/or drama group a very hands on experience through intense scene study to insure your drama is filled with energy, clarity and purpose.

The best place for this class is with a platform or stage and audience seating.